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If you are a life-long student, then you are at home here!

Life is the ultimate classroom and we believe that knowing oneself is the greatest subject worth studying.  Want to understand more about what makes you tick and how you can live the most fulfilled and happy life possible?  Yep, so do we – let’s discover it together and have fun with it.

Here at StudentofMe.com (SoM) we believe that living consciously is the vehicle, and YOU 2.0 is the direction. We believe in continuous improvement and witnessing noticeable change over time.  Taking the time to think and grow as an evolving individual is what separates those who are passively living from those who are passionately living. This is what sets us apart, and this is what being a StudentofMe is all about!

This site is filled with personal growth ‘subjects’ offering strategies, guidance, and encouragement to help keep you aligned with your improvement goals.  We aim to help you enjoy life more, improve relationships, and de-clutter your mind.  This isn’t a one-way street, we would love to hear your thoughts and experiences and learn what has helped you – by sharing, you help everyone here at SoM! (Plus, we give you extra credit points)

To really get to know what it means to be a StudentofMe, check out some of the articles below, and read the About!

For Your Inspiration (FYI) Month!

This year, we completed an entire month manifesting a great year, to get a full review, read the Recap and Reflection! For a full listing of topics, go to FYI Month.

The Power of Thoughts

We acknowledge that thoughts are powerful and we have the power over them.  Learn how to recognize harmful thinking and replace them with thoughts that benefit your happiness and mental outlook on life.

Understanding Our Beliefs

Understanding Our Emotions

Successful Living

Understanding the Brain

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