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This site is typically not about ‘quick fixes’ but sometimes this is all we need! Other times, these tips, tricks and techniques can be smart reminders on what we already know we should be doing!

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Changing a behavior? Create a GAP!

I always find it amazing that so many people actually survive college. When I say ‘survive’, I’m not referring to surviving a heavy class schedule, ten-page essays, or scary mid-terms; I mean it quite literally. How do we make it out alive?

During my college days, my roommate and I decided to invest in a Kegerator (need picture?) which allowed for an abundant and ever-flowing supply of beer. When it was sloshing with fluid, we continued to consume; quite quickly and efficiently. If beer was a diet plan, we’d be in better shape than Jillian Michaels.


Too Much Energy?  Try these techniques!

After writing the Caffeine Love Story, I realized that this was only one of the many fabulous methods I used to zap all my energy. That being said, I decided to sit down and come up with 10 fully guaranteed methods to eliminate all natural energy reserves you may currently possess. In short, if you love sleeping, then this article is for you.


Creating Unlimited Prosperity - Top 10 List

Learning from the masters is something we can do in every arena of life.  If we want to be successful than we need to uncover and start living out behaviors that lead to success. To discover successful behaviors, we don’t need to recreate the wheel, we can start by tracking down people that already have them!


Are you in a FUNK?

Stuck in a funk? If there was one word to describe how you are currently feeling, would it be ‘blah’ or ‘ugh’? Are you finding it difficult to get from ‘funk’ to ‘funky’? From sad to glad? Turning that frown upside-down? Today is all about breaking that funk by changing our focus and breaking the […]


We can read about personal development all day until we are blue in the face, but it is completely futile unless we take the time processing what we have learned and put it into action! Everything we read, every piece of advice given, and everything we learn needs to pass through our own B.S. Filter and discover what is true and right for you.


Do your goals excite you and inspire you? Does the success of these goals seem so incredibly appealing that you salivate at the thought of its completion? Or… should I be asking if you set goals at all?

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If you want to be wealthy, you have to decide to be wealthy. If you want to be rich, you have to define what rich means. How much is considered wealthy? To direct your energy and vision you need to discover for yourself what ‘wealth’ means to you.


Do you remember back to your elementary school days? Back then, the summers would feel like an eternity before the next school year began. We didn’t plan our schedule by months and days, heck, we used hours and minutes!


Jim is freshly married and has a kid on the way. His life is about to drastically change.

Beth is working at a corporate office and they are changing their entire CMS to PeopleSoft in which she knows nothing about. She needs to adapt.

Jason was just laid off from work and his financial situation is in jeopardy. Life just got more difficult.


Would you be surprised if told you that there are 5.3 million children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder in the United States alone (in 2010)? Maintaining focus and concentrating on the task at hand is a serious problem we are having, and most of us tend to have wild eyes that are more active than a parakeet with a bratty kid sticking fingers in its cage.