Productivity and Success!

“Success is a state of mind. If you want success, start thinking of yourself as a success.” ~ Dr. Joyce Brothers

Living successfully starts with a definition, a definition you create that defines what success means to you.

These articles discuss what it means to be successful, how to be successful, and how to get your ass off the couch and do something about it!

We discuss successful people, successful habits, and productivity tips and tricks to make the most of your time. And of course, we also talk about the brain, our thoughts and emotions, and how it best use them to our advantage!

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Intrinsic Motivation and Sex Energy - Say what?

Intrinsic motivation is the itch before the scratch, the ache before the rub, and the engine rev before the race. It drives you to action because of an irresistible impulse not because you have to, or want to, but because you need to. Intrinsic motivation is the potential energy before the explosion of kinetic energy pushing you into action!


Reward the Smart Way!

(And how to get their optimal performance!)

As brain science continues to evolve and advance our understanding of the brain, we are presented with new insights that challenge our current and previous ideologies of dealing with the human psyche.

If you are a manager, business owner, parent, older sibling, or simply a pet owner, then this article is for you.


Post image for Create an Environment that Promotes Success

Everyday I see people failing to apply this simple concept in many areas of their life: limit your ability to fail by setting up your environment for success. If you are trying to create a new habit or stop a negative one, then keep reading!


Set Your Pace!

Lately I’ve noticed a trend in my ability to concentrate, be productive, and have more energy throughout the day (hence the recent articles related to energy levels). Just as a swimmer or sprinter may attribute his loss to a slow start at the sound of the gun, I attribute my snail-like pace throughout the day to a slow start at the buzzer… from my alarm clock.


Creating Unlimited Prosperity - Top 10 List

Learning from the masters is something we can do in every arena of life.  If we want to be successful than we need to uncover and start living out behaviors that lead to success. To discover successful behaviors, we don’t need to recreate the wheel, we can start by tracking down people that already have them!


The Other 8 Hours Review

We all have 24 hours in our day. You sleep 8 hours, you work 8 hours but what do you do during your OTHER 8 HOURS? For Robert Pagliarini, it is during these Other 8 Hours that really defines what kind of person you are and the success you will acquire.


Using Pain as our Ally

We all experience pain in our lives, and it is how we choose to deal with the pain that makes all the difference. Do we choose to permit the suffering to continue? Do we secretly enjoy the pain because of the unique status it brings us – being the victim? Or do we open our eyes, look pain in the face and say ‘there is something I can learn from you!’


We develop beliefs for every area of our life, yet, the most important beliefs that contribute towards our success are the ones that determine the feelings towards oneself. How you view yourself, has a direct relationship with the success you will have in the world – If you don’t believe you possess value, than there is nothing for you to share.

Successful people have successful beliefs and…


Some people form beliefs quickly. Some will accept the word of others based on their merit or their relationship with the person. Some will read books and instantly subscribe to the teachings and later regurgitate them to anyone willing to listen. Others will listen to TV ‘experts’, then accept what was said as fact. How many health practices, fitness plans, or diets have been declared the best thing EVER, than later debunked as unhealthy or harmful?


Engage Auto-Pilot?

Breaking it down, a belief is simply a thought repeated over and over again and held to be true.

Beliefs are the these thoughts we have developed an emotional attachment to, and thus, affects every area of our existence and understanding of reality. Our beliefs are the filter we see the world through.

We all have beliefs. Come and read about some of my beliefs… on beliefs themselves.