Love and Relationships 101 – Oh, how bitter sweet it is.

The bread and butter of life! Life is about connecting and building relationships surrounded in love. Yet sometimes, relationships can also be a big kick in the pants.

Here we talk about relationships, love, friendship, communication, and much more…

A Caffeine Love Story

Relationships are tough at times, but the first stage in a new relationship typically is typically exciting, thrilling, and blissful. This relationship was no different. Caffeine and I met in High School and were quickly joined at the hip. She had her own little special way of lifting my mood, putting a smile on my face, and boy did she get my heart pumping! The smell of her aroma, the taste of her body, the way she made me feel… there was nothing better than waking up to her in the morning!


You are a Human VIRUS!

Just as a virus affects your body, YOU are also a virus, a human virus.  The person you are: your behaviors, habits, and character slowly infect and spread to those around you like a virus in a warm bloodstream.  Who you are, in essence, can go viral.  Would you want to catch it?


Thoughts and Emotions - The Battle Ensues

Can they ever get along? Do you have difficulties putting words to how you feel? Do you tend to say things you didn’t really mean because you couldn’t find the right words? When trying to convey your emotions, does the language that escapes your mouth just come out as ‘word vomit’ which inevitably gets you into trouble? Is communicating your emotions difficult for you? Well, here’s the dilemma…


Peace is having a perfect relationship with oneself; self-doubt is replaced with self-confidence. Peace is being empty of harmful emotions such as jealousy, anger, and contempt. Peace is a lack of struggle within. Peace is smiling because on the inside you are smiling. Peace is being okay with the past, happy for today, and not worrying about tomorrow. Peace is a state of harmony and serenity. Peace is aligning yourself with truth and living it. Peace is a state of consciousness or enlightenment.


Friends are the glue that keeps us in one piece, the crutches when we can’t stand on our own, the brains when we feel like being stupid, and the cleaners when we are a big sloppy mess. Enough analogies… read on!


Pleasure! - Attribution: Gabriel S. Delgado C

Is there anything better than the taste of a mouth-watering steak, the feel of your partner’s bare skin, the joys of a new purchase, the elations of sex, or the euphoria created from ‘other’ substances? Life is filled with blissful pleasures that affect your brain in positive, and not so positive ways! Learn how our brain is effected and the pros and cons of blissful pleasure!


The Joys of Being the Victim

What a beautifully crafted and twisted lie we have learned from such an early age! This untruth is one of the biggest conundrums in human interaction. The idea of playing the victim. Playing the victim is much different than being the victim. Being the victim is not a choice, but your decision to act as […]