Happiness and Health 101 – Get it, and keep it!

You are in charge of your own happiness and the sooner you realize this the sooner you begin actually being a happier person.

Happiness is becoming more of a ‘buzz word’ and everyone likes to throw it around, but not many people try to get to the source of what defines happiness, how to get it, and how to keep it!

To start, you may want to read my take on ‘happiness‘ and if you agree, then read on!

This is my escape, what's yours?!

Every sense is activated – the feeling of the wind in my face, the beautiful scenery portraying an array of vibrant colors, the sound of the rumbling engine underneath me, the whiff of fresh pine needles during a Spring morning, and the taste of my wintergreen gum. I am being pulled to this present moment as if I had no choice, with no worries about yesterday and no apprehensions about tomorrow. I’m experiencing everything, yet, being distracted by nothing.


Bee Motivated

Are you busy as a bee? I love this phrase because if no one else, our little black and yellow friends really have it figured out. Let’s attempt to forget for a moment that when a bee is in sight most of us tend to prance around like little girls flapping your arms like penguins – because I want to talk about something they certainly have, that you may not!


Changing a behavior? Create a GAP!

I always find it amazing that so many people actually survive college. When I say ‘survive’, I’m not referring to surviving a heavy class schedule, ten-page essays, or scary mid-terms; I mean it quite literally. How do we make it out alive?

During my college days, my roommate and I decided to invest in a Kegerator (need picture?) which allowed for an abundant and ever-flowing supply of beer. When it was sloshing with fluid, we continued to consume; quite quickly and efficiently. If beer was a diet plan, we’d be in better shape than Jillian Michaels.


Too Much Energy?  Try these techniques!

After writing the Caffeine Love Story, I realized that this was only one of the many fabulous methods I used to zap all my energy. That being said, I decided to sit down and come up with 10 fully guaranteed methods to eliminate all natural energy reserves you may currently possess. In short, if you love sleeping, then this article is for you.


A Caffeine Love Story

Relationships are tough at times, but the first stage in a new relationship typically is typically exciting, thrilling, and blissful. This relationship was no different. Caffeine and I met in High School and were quickly joined at the hip. She had her own little special way of lifting my mood, putting a smile on my face, and boy did she get my heart pumping! The smell of her aroma, the taste of her body, the way she made me feel… there was nothing better than waking up to her in the morning!


Are you in a FUNK?

Stuck in a funk? If there was one word to describe how you are currently feeling, would it be ‘blah’ or ‘ugh’? Are you finding it difficult to get from ‘funk’ to ‘funky’? From sad to glad? Turning that frown upside-down? Today is all about breaking that funk by changing our focus and breaking the […]



Can a person really be unmotivatable?

From my perspective, this would be a person who is empty of any passions, dreams, or aspirations in their life or towards their future. They are lost in a state of stagnation that they choose to stay in and no one else can help them escape until they make the conscious decision to do so.


Don’t waste your life living someone else’s life. Don’t waste it doing what you think everyone expects you to be doing. Live your own adventure, create your own dreams, make your own goals, and live your life to the fullest. Have courage to follow your passions, stand up for yourself, learn what you want to learn, and be simply amazing by being… you.


Peace is having a perfect relationship with oneself; self-doubt is replaced with self-confidence. Peace is being empty of harmful emotions such as jealousy, anger, and contempt. Peace is a lack of struggle within. Peace is smiling because on the inside you are smiling. Peace is being okay with the past, happy for today, and not worrying about tomorrow. Peace is a state of harmony and serenity. Peace is aligning yourself with truth and living it. Peace is a state of consciousness or enlightenment.


Friends are the glue that keeps us in one piece, the crutches when we can’t stand on our own, the brains when we feel like being stupid, and the cleaners when we are a big sloppy mess. Enough analogies… read on!