Goals and Goal Setting 101 – Set ’em and break ’em! (or get left behind)

Life is about growth and improvement! How do we know if we are growing if we have nothing to measure? How do we push ourselves further than we think possible? How do we ensure we are on track?!? Goals!

Goals are the not-so-secret ingredient behind success! Consistently challenging and bettering yourself so when you look back you can see and feel a noticeable and positive change!

Goals should be big enough that by merely attempting them makes you better than you already were. What are your goals? What are your dreams? (Goals are dreams with a deadline right?)

Do your goals excite you and inspire you? Does the success of these goals seem so incredibly appealing that you salivate at the thought of its completion? Or… should I be asking if you set goals at all?

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If you want to be wealthy, you have to decide to be wealthy. If you want to be rich, you have to define what rich means. How much is considered wealthy? To direct your energy and vision you need to discover for yourself what ‘wealth’ means to you.


Time for Personal Reflection!

As human beings, we desire to live a fulfilled life, know ourselves, and find meaning in our lives. We have the capacity to do this, but we can’t do it while blindfolded. Reflecting on our lives allows us to observe our thoughts and feelings and recall actions and events in the past to learn from.


Build Your Defense!

Emotional problems stem from not being prepared with the proper mental tools to deal with life’s difficulties or tragedies. When you were a teenager, how did you feel after your first heart break? Did the world feel like it was coming to an end? Did you feel prepared for that situation?


Kaizen - Continuous Improvement

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with the first step”– Lao Tzu Wouldn’t it be great to lose 30 pounds? Well, don’t start with the first pound; start with the first ounce. Want to write a book? Don’t start with the first chapter; start with the first page (or first sentence!). Want to […]