Understanding Our Emotions! This is tricky business…

This is the fun one! There is nothing more tricky and mischievous than our emotions. They like to play games, go on roller-coasters rides, and keep secrets don’t they?

Emotions are the powerful force behind the brain that makes us feel that we are not alone in our heads. We think one way… but FEEL another. We FEEL an emotion, but can’t put it into words. Annoying right?

This category is all about understanding our emotions, positively affecting our emotions, and using our emotions as a guide to understand who we are and what we want in our life!

I FEEL you should read some of these…

Intrinsic Motivation and Sex Energy - Say what?

Intrinsic motivation is the itch before the scratch, the ache before the rub, and the engine rev before the race. It drives you to action because of an irresistible impulse not because you have to, or want to, but because you need to. Intrinsic motivation is the potential energy before the explosion of kinetic energy pushing you into action!


Emotional Battles - Learning Comes After!

We have emotional battles we face every day – stemming from an argument with a friend or loved one, a disagreement with a co-worker, or difficulties on the home-front. Life has a way of throwing a few grenades our way to shake things up, and it’s how we handle these situations that determines if we can throw the grenade back or if it explodes in our face.


You are a Human VIRUS!

Just as a virus affects your body, YOU are also a virus, a human virus.  The person you are: your behaviors, habits, and character slowly infect and spread to those around you like a virus in a warm bloodstream.  Who you are, in essence, can go viral.  Would you want to catch it?


Are you in a FUNK?

Stuck in a funk? If there was one word to describe how you are currently feeling, would it be ‘blah’ or ‘ugh’? Are you finding it difficult to get from ‘funk’ to ‘funky’? From sad to glad? Turning that frown upside-down? Today is all about breaking that funk by changing our focus and breaking the […]


Using Pain as our Ally

We all experience pain in our lives, and it is how we choose to deal with the pain that makes all the difference. Do we choose to permit the suffering to continue? Do we secretly enjoy the pain because of the unique status it brings us – being the victim? Or do we open our eyes, look pain in the face and say ‘there is something I can learn from you!’


Thoughts and Emotions - The Battle Ensues

Can they ever get along? Do you have difficulties putting words to how you feel? Do you tend to say things you didn’t really mean because you couldn’t find the right words? When trying to convey your emotions, does the language that escapes your mouth just come out as ‘word vomit’ which inevitably gets you into trouble? Is communicating your emotions difficult for you? Well, here’s the dilemma…


We develop beliefs for every area of our life, yet, the most important beliefs that contribute towards our success are the ones that determine the feelings towards oneself. How you view yourself, has a direct relationship with the success you will have in the world – If you don’t believe you possess value, than there is nothing for you to share.

Successful people have successful beliefs and…


Some people form beliefs quickly. Some will accept the word of others based on their merit or their relationship with the person. Some will read books and instantly subscribe to the teachings and later regurgitate them to anyone willing to listen. Others will listen to TV ‘experts’, then accept what was said as fact. How many health practices, fitness plans, or diets have been declared the best thing EVER, than later debunked as unhealthy or harmful?



Can a person really be unmotivatable?

From my perspective, this would be a person who is empty of any passions, dreams, or aspirations in their life or towards their future. They are lost in a state of stagnation that they choose to stay in and no one else can help them escape until they make the conscious decision to do so.


We can read about personal development all day until we are blue in the face, but it is completely futile unless we take the time processing what we have learned and put it into action! Everything we read, every piece of advice given, and everything we learn needs to pass through our own B.S. Filter and discover what is true and right for you.