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Reward the Smart Way!

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As brain science continues to evolve and advance our understanding of the brain, we are presented with new insights that challenge our current and previous ideologies of dealing with the human psyche.

If you are a manager, business owner, parent, older sibling, or simply a pet owner, then this article is for you.


Bee Motivated

Are you busy as a bee? I love this phrase because if no one else, our little black and yellow friends really have it figured out. Let’s attempt to forget for a moment that when a bee is in sight most of us tend to prance around like little girls flapping your arms like penguins – because I want to talk about something they certainly have, that you may not!


Post image for Create an Environment that Promotes Success

Everyday I see people failing to apply this simple concept in many areas of their life: limit your ability to fail by setting up your environment for success. If you are trying to create a new habit or stop a negative one, then keep reading!


Creating Unlimited Prosperity - Top 10 List

Learning from the masters is something we can do in every arena of life.  If we want to be successful than we need to uncover and start living out behaviors that lead to success. To discover successful behaviors, we don’t need to recreate the wheel, we can start by tracking down people that already have them!


The Other 8 Hours Review

We all have 24 hours in our day. You sleep 8 hours, you work 8 hours but what do you do during your OTHER 8 HOURS? For Robert Pagliarini, it is during these Other 8 Hours that really defines what kind of person you are and the success you will acquire.


Life-long learners are those who are prepared when opportunity comes a-knockin’. Life-long learners handle change well, become leaders, possess value, and stay ahead of the pack. They seek knowledge to increase their personal value and success in every area of life.

Are you a motivated and dedicated life-long learner?


How does one define a successful life? We are all thrown into this world in different situations and circumstances. We all will not achieve the same things or even want the same things. So how can we agree on a definition for a successful life?


If you want to be wealthy, you have to decide to be wealthy. If you want to be rich, you have to define what rich means. How much is considered wealthy? To direct your energy and vision you need to discover for yourself what ‘wealth’ means to you.


Jim is freshly married and has a kid on the way. His life is about to drastically change.

Beth is working at a corporate office and they are changing their entire CMS to PeopleSoft in which she knows nothing about. She needs to adapt.

Jason was just laid off from work and his financial situation is in jeopardy. Life just got more difficult.


Everyone is always curious about how productivity can be increased with little or no pain to oneself. We can work harder or smarter, quicker or more efficiently, or… we can have more people doing the same job. Here are my top 10 productivity tips…