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These are my attempts at keeping everyone up-to-date with everything going on here at SoM!

Interview with The Reflector

I was contacted the other day by a nice lady, Joanna, at our local newspaper about possibly writing a feature article about the website! I thought this was pretty cool and definitely had some fun with it. Here’s how it went down…


We can read about personal development all day until we are blue in the face, but it is completely futile unless we take the time processing what we have learned and put it into action! Everything we read, every piece of advice given, and everything we learn needs to pass through our own B.S. Filter and discover what is true and right for you.


The New Year is just a few days away and we are gearing up for an exciting January! The entire month of January will be dedicated to preparing, planning, and manifesting a great year full of personal growth!  Finding our passions, setting goals, inspirational thoughts and questions, and much more.  This will be great! Each […]


The Game of Life

Have you ever read one those fictional novels where you can choose the path you want the story to take?  Such as; To go into the cave and save the girl, go to page 146. To run away screaming, go to page 143. Or perhaps you’ve played the board game ‘Life’ and you can make […]


  Welcome to the first post!  I have been meaning to get this website up for awhile but it turns out there is a learning curve if you want to do it correctly. Here are a few questions I thought I’d start with: What is this site about? Why did you start this site? Why […]