Life is meant to be lived, and lived to the fullest.  This has been my goal ever since I realized I wasn’t doing just that.  Some people learn this straight out of the womb, and yet others take a little more time.  It can take a big smack in the face to make us realize that we are not living how we wish to be living.  Better late than never.   Now, I make it a point to do something every day that I enjoy or scares me, and to live a life of continuous improvement.

Happiness is a state of mind and a way of travel, not a destination.  We don’t work hard to get it and finally it’s ours, instead, we must be constantly diligent to maintain it.  We travel on this road of life via happiness.  What is happiness to me?  Happiness is sustained joy and sense of well-being carried with me day-to-day.  Happiness is sharing that joy with others and brightening other’s lives.  Happiness is optimism and the rewards that come from it.  Happiness is the never-ceasing growth as an individual, and the noticeable change over time.  Happiness can be seen and felt and is contagious.

Sure, we hit some bumps, we have our downs, and we have our seemingly impossible difficulties, but it is how we handle each one that makes the difference.  I hope others can learn and grow from these articles, and for me, they will be a constant reminder of how I desire to live my life.

Life is a journey, a difficult journey at times, and being equipped with the proper survival toolkit of the mind can increase the amount of time we spend in this world and our enjoyment of it!

I wish you the best in your own personal development adventure and hope you too can live life to the fullest and not settle for satisfactory living!

About Me:

First off, I’m Greg Yung, nice to meet you.Hi, I'm Greg.

In one glorious time in my life I was holding down three jobs, a full college workload, fighting to hold on to quality relationships and doing all this in attempt to get ahead in life without realizing that life isn’t a race and it isn’t a competition… how does one get ahead of oneself? There was no light at the end of this tunnel and I was only racing to my grave.   It was then that I realized something wasn’t working and needed to make a change… fast!  I made a radical decision soon after the death of a close friend: I looked away from the conventional American life path (childhood, school, degree, safe job for big company, marriage, etc) and I quit my job(s) to travel the world (when I say ‘world’, it ended up being primarily Europe!).

I traveled and searched high and low trying to find what would make me happy, not realizing that happiness is found and constructed from within.  Despite not having found my magical oasis I was looking for, I had many great and valuable experiences that led me to the beliefs I hold true today.

I am passionate about working with people and witnessing positive changes in their lives.  I am passionate about teaching and the value of proper education and educational methods.  I am fascinated with personal development, astonished by the human mind, and at peace in my spirituality.  All of these have led to my current objective: combine all these passions and share positive values and knowledge on how to improve one’s life, regardless of current circumstances.

I enjoy learning and taking wisdom from people in all walks of life; religious leaders or holy books, spiritual guides, political figures, or ancient teachings among others.  I love discovering what I find to be universal truths (ideas that are true during any time period).  Teachings should not be automatically accepted and lived.  Search deeply within, and you’ll find that what truly matters is what feels true and right for you.

I believe that humor is one of life’s most valuable gifts.  Being able to laugh is unique to humans (hyenas just sound like they are laughing.  Wait, do dolphins laugh?), and we need to exercise this rare ability as much as possible!  Sometimes, the content of StudentofMe articles will not appear humorous, but when applying the concepts to life, always add a grain of humor!  Personal development can sound like such a serious topic, but it’s the farthest thing from it and the ability to laugh at yourself goes a long way.  You’ll know you are doing well when you can laugh at your clumsy self when stubbing a toe or hitting your head first thing in the morning!

To me, life is an adventure, a journey, and I want to enjoy the ride!

My personal mission for this site:

To help people grow as individuals, to help them reach their full potential, and to teach them the tools needed to thrive mentally, spiritually, relationally and financially.

Additionally, this page is a constant reminder of how I want to live my life, hence:

My personal mission for my life:

To help myself grow as an individual, to reach my full potential, and to learn the tools needed to thrive mentally, spiritually, relationally, and financially.


Everything on this site is based on my own thoughts and research, unless otherwise noted.  If there are any inaccuracies or misquotes, please tell me!

Additionally, I attempt to find and use photos that are under common license and not copyright protected.  If this is not the case, please contact me and I will remove or credit the photo.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Alex Prodoehl says:

    Greg, I am very proud of your journey and envious to your level of introspective prowess evident in this website.

    I found this when I received a linkedin invite from a random hip hop producer out in LA. I look down to see, whom I might know, and LinkedIn showed your information. I glanced and saw this. I have to reach out.

    If you want to share your experience with an old colleague, please feel free to email me. I would greatly benefit from your experience and respect you.



    1. Greg Yung says:

      That is quite the trail of events to find the site ;). Thanks for the kind and encouraging words, it’s great to hear from you!


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