What’s Your Escape?

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This is my escape, what's yours?!

Every sense is activated – the feeling of the wind in my face, the beautiful scenery portraying an array of vibrant colors, the sound of the rumbling engine beneath me, the whiff of fresh pine needles during a Spring morning, and the taste of my wintergreen gum. I am being pulled to this present moment as if I had no choice, with no worries about yesterday and no apprehensions about tomorrow. I’m experiencing everything, yet, being distracted by nothing.

All that matters is this very moment – right here, right now… and of course, the wild antelopes that threaten to jump in front of my path and ruin this moment. Whoops, errant thought there, let’s get back to the… right here, right now. Who knew I could get such a sense of peace and freedom by simply riding my motorcycle on an open road!

Wow. Perhaps these pony-tailed, chaps-wearing, leathered-badasses have it all figured out!

This is where I find my escape, my meditation, my peace… where do you get yours?

My Escape

I like to ride. There is something about being fully exposed to the forces of nature, every inhalation being fresh and not recycled air, the low humdrum of the engine that slows my brain, and the constant laser-focus that is required for safe driving. I am fully activated and present – and I feel good.

When in this clear state, I have insights that jump at me that were completely out of mind’s eye. I have ideas that flow, solutions to problems appear, and questions are answered that I had forgotten needed answering. My mind is in a place rarely achieved in a busy world filled with constant hubbub and persistent distractions. In this state of mind, I experience my thoughts in a steady stream of consciousness and not sporadic snippets that are redirected by every external stimulus.

Riding works for me, yet this state can be reached doing any activity, any passion, any hobby or CHORE when done fully with complete attention to the action at hand. There is something about freeing the resources of your brain by unloading on ONE task, and one task only that brings forth creativity, intuition, and the wonderful feeling of FLOW.

This could be anything from knitting to surfing, from playing the piano to exercising, from strolling in a park to unloading the dishwasher (this last one may not be as reliable 🙂 )

What’s Your Escape?

Okay, so let’s assume for a second that not everyone feels this way behind two handlebars like I do. The question then remains… what is your escape? What brings you back to this moment – right here and right now? What frees your mind from the day-to-day clutter that is presently bouncing around in your head as if a miniature Tigger was locked away in your skull?

It would be great if we didn’t need ‘an escape’, but the truth is, most of us do. Most of us get so caught up in the daily grind that we forget the point of it all… truly living! And sometimes, we need that one thing that wakes us up, clears the spam out of our head, and reminds us that there is more to life than our 8-to-5 job, paying the bills, and only living for the weekends and a two-week vacation.

We all need an activity, hobby, or passion that allows us to truly be absorbed into the present moment where we can easily let our mind go. Something you can dive into and stay under without fear of drowning!

For me, being on two-wheels is one of them and it’s like taking a power-washer, turning it on high, and blasting out everything in my head that isn’t holding on tightly. These are the moments my mind is the clearest and I feel I am experiencing the true me. It is wonderful. It is enlightening.

Now it’s your turn. I’ve told you my escape, what’s yours?

Photo: This photo was taken on our roadtrip around the USA! Bike fan?  Check it out if you’d like – http://www.jagtourusa.com

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2 thoughts on “What’s Your Escape?”

  1. Matt says:

    Great Article! I definitely need to practice more humdrum and less hubbub. I’ll talk to the wife tonight about a new Jet Ski and/or Motorcyle… What’s a two week vacation?

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Greg Yung says:

      Thanks Matt! It’s summer… go with the Jet-Ski! Let me know what the wife says 😉

  2. Tom says:

    Escape is something we all seem to crave. I have two (2) insights that I hope will help.

    1) Focus on making things a little less hectic so the escape isn’t so readily craved to the point of desperation

    2) Little, many vacations/escapes can be super helpful when you’re not able to get away for longer periods of time. A half day trip or even a picnic can be very helpful.

    Hope this helps and happy escape!

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