Bee Motivated

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Bee Motivated

Are you busy as a bee? I love this phrase because if no one else, our little black and yellow friends really have it figured out. Let’s attempt to forget for a moment that when a bee is in range most of us tend to prance around like little girls flapping our arms like penguins – because I want to talk about something they certainly have, that you may not!

Bees do not work hard because they are worried the Queen is going to bite their heads off (fear-based), they work hard because they are working for a cause, a purpose, or a higher calling (intrinsic-based). They are working to better the lives of their fellow bees, create a world filled with abundance, and live a life filled with meaning. Do you feel this way?

My friend, we’ll call him Buzz, wakes up each morning knowing that what he is doing is making a difference. Buzz feels great about the process and actions he takes to accomplish objectives, goals, and little bee-projects; and not just the end results. He isn’t motivated by the external rewards he will receive, he is motivated by the internal satisfaction he has today.

Let’s turn this around for a sec, are you excited to wake up and get to work in the morning? Does your motivation revolve around paychecks, incentives, and recognition? Are you content working the majority of your day doing something you don’t enjoy because of the joys and pleasantries you can later afford?

We all like to indulge ourselves at times and enjoy the ‘finer things’ in life, and there is nothing wrong with this. Yet the question should be, at what cost? What are we sacrificing in life that could make our life more fulfilling – such as our time, relationships, and a healthy mind and body.

Too often are we dependent on material wealth or things to justify our happiness, yet by doing so we put our happiness in the hands of temporary pleasantries.

Buzz doesn’t fly home after a long unsatisfying day and plop on his honeycomb sofa to enjoy a Honey Brewed Ale (yum!) simply because this is the only time of the day he looks forward to. No, he goes home smiling with a happy-go-lucky feeling in his bones knowing he is making a difference and is living the life he was born for.

Does this sound unattainable or surreal? It may feel like it because very few people have the guts, the nerve, and the balls to chase after this. It’s no pipe-dream – it’s just so far out of sight because we live in a world that doesn’t encourage this, we are encouraged to go with the hive.  That doesn’t fly here.

Do you live for the weekend?  Do you work just hard enough to survive the day and keep your job, so you can get home and relax? If you are in a job you don’t enjoy, are you at least working towards something better during your other 8 hours?

Or, are you living like Buzz?


What Makes Your Wings Flutter?

What is your inspiration?  Do you get butterflies when you help someone out?  Do you feel on top of the world when you master a skill or complete a project doing [insert passion here]?  Do you feel encouraged when you learn something new?  What do you do that excites you?

Who is your inspiration?  Do you gain pleasure knowing you are providing for your family and making a better world for your kids to live in?  Are you bettering yourself so that you can be a better parent, friend, lover, child to someone you love?  Are you preparing yourself for your ‘future’ wife and kids perhaps?  What about the joys you provide to the benefactors of your services?  Are you doing it for yourself?  Who gives you inspiration to live a fulfilled life, and who inspires you because of the person they’ve become?

Why inspiration?  Inspiration is the lift you need to get over the last few hurdles, or the crutch when you want to fall down and want to give up.  Inspiration is the reserve tank when you’ve run out of gas.  Inspiration is present when you can’t find the strength to do something for yourself.  Discover the ‘why’ you are doing something, and you’ll handle any ‘how’.

Answer the questions above, and you can be just like Buzz.

Your Purpose, Your Calling, Your [Insert Cliché Term Here]

When we are excited, our brain releases chemicals that make us feel great in that moment.  The problem with excitement is that when it is tied to sources outside of oneself it quickly fades – a new idea, project or endeavor can keep you excited and motivated for say – six months, six days… or six hours!  We need a source of motivation that is not quickly depleted.  We need something that doesn’t radiate only in our thoughts but also in our emotions and we can feel it in our body, something that drives our mind and body to action because of the connection it has with our core.

This abundant source of motivation, drive and excitement is unique to everyone and you have to discover it for yourself.  Some people just know and have known it their entire lives, but most of us have to attempt new things, sample all the candy, and cross-pollinate, if you will.

Options for a bee are fairly limited and Buzz had it easy compared to the unlimited options you have available to you. Be like Buzz and find that internal flame and passion to do what you are meant to do.



Bee all you can bee, because being you is beautiful.  There is no greater feeling than being honest with yourself and the world, and doing something about it.

If you believe that you are not living the life you were intended for, then start doing something about it today.  No, don’t quit your day job (yet), but start making small action steps everyday to move towards your bigger goals – and you’ll even feel good while doing it.

When you are clear about the person you are and want to be it’s almost as if the entire world conspires to help you.

Be like Buzz. Find your purpose and start living it.

* Disclaimer –I don’t claim to be able to speak with bees or read their minds, this is my personal perception of the beliefs and perceptions of A Bee’s Life. No bees were harmed in process of writing this article.


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2 thoughts on “Bee Motivated”

  1. Barb says:

    Lovely. This is the premise of my website 🙂 Love the life you are living and live it to the fullest. Try something new , just for the sake of trying it. Never choose TV or a movie over a real life experience.
    You are wise beyond your years my friend.

    1. Greg Yung says:

      Thanks Barb, YOU are lovely 😉

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