June 2011

This is my escape, what's yours?!

Every sense is activated – the feeling of the wind in my face, the beautiful scenery portraying an array of vibrant colors, the sound of the rumbling engine underneath me, the whiff of fresh pine needles during a Spring morning, and the taste of my wintergreen gum. I am being pulled to this present moment as if I had no choice, with no worries about yesterday and no apprehensions about tomorrow. I’m experiencing everything, yet, being distracted by nothing.


Intrinsic Motivation and Sex Energy - Say what?

Intrinsic motivation is the itch before the scratch, the ache before the rub, and the engine rev before the race. It drives you to action because of an irresistible impulse not because you have to, or want to, but because you need to. Intrinsic motivation is the potential energy before the explosion of kinetic energy pushing you into action!


Reward the Smart Way!

(And how to get their optimal performance!)

As brain science continues to evolve and advance our understanding of the brain, we are presented with new insights that challenge our current and previous ideologies of dealing with the human psyche.

If you are a manager, business owner, parent, older sibling, or simply a pet owner, then this article is for you.


Bee Motivated

Are you busy as a bee? I love this phrase because if no one else, our little black and yellow friends really have it figured out. Let’s attempt to forget for a moment that when a bee is in sight most of us tend to prance around like little girls flapping your arms like penguins – because I want to talk about something they certainly have, that you may not!