May 2011

Changing a behavior? Create a GAP!

I always find it amazing that so many people actually survive college. When I say ‘survive’, I’m not referring to surviving a heavy class schedule, ten-page essays, or scary mid-terms; I mean it quite literally. How do we make it out alive?

During my college days, my roommate and I decided to invest in a Kegerator (need picture?) which allowed for an abundant and ever-flowing supply of beer. When it was sloshing with fluid, we continued to consume; quite quickly and efficiently. If beer was a diet plan, we’d be in better shape than Jillian Michaels.


Interview with The Reflector

I was contacted the other day by a nice lady, Joanna, at our local newspaper about possibly writing a feature article about the website! I thought this was pretty cool and definitely had some fun with it. Here’s how it went down…


Emotional Battles - Learning Comes After!

We have emotional battles we face every day – stemming from an argument with a friend or loved one, a disagreement with a co-worker, or difficulties on the home-front. Life has a way of throwing a few grenades our way to shake things up, and it’s how we handle these situations that determines if we can throw the grenade back or if it explodes in our face.


Post image for Create an Environment that Promotes Success

Everyday I see people failing to apply this simple concept in many areas of their life: limit your ability to fail by setting up your environment for success. If you are trying to create a new habit or stop a negative one, then keep reading!