You Are a Human Virus

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You are a Human VIRUS!

Isn’t it fascinating how quickly viruses spread?  Perhaps you have a friend who is sick, and then a few days later ten more of your friends are sick as well?  And next thing you know, people are saying things like “It’s going around” as if it was a Merry-Go-Round and everyone is jumping on for a ride.

The population of ‘sickies’ expands exponentially until no one is safe from exposure. A week later, people are calling it ‘flu season’ and one simple virus has now spread into millions of hosts, multiplying and evolving.  Viruses originate from humble beginnings but have the potential to affect millions. (Sounds like the American Dream for viruses!)

In a similar way that viruses affect your body, YOU are also a virus, a human virus.  The person you are: your behaviors, habits, and character slowly infect and spread to those around you like a virus in a warm bloodstream.  Who you are, in essence, can go viral.  Would you want to catch your virus?

Who you are has the potential to infect everyone and everything you come into contact with – no matter how brief. You leave your mark, your impression, your footprint on their lives, and your ‘virus’ passes on to become part of their personal strand they will carry with them forever. In short, you rub off on them! (And vice versa.)

It doesn’t end there. Once someone is ‘infected’, this person has the potential to infect someone else, and this person can infect someone else, and… the cycle continues.  YOU have a bigger influence than you can imagine – the ripples don’t just stop on the surface.

Your ‘virus’ can spread like a wildfire on a windy day, or… it can quickly sizzle and fade away. The stronger the virus, the increased likelihood of being spread!  Or simply put, the stronger you are in your beliefs, habits, and overall character – the more contagious your traits and behaviors will become.  Are you aware of the impact you have on the world around you?

The question we need to ask now is, what type of virus are YOU?

What Type of Virus Are You?

We influence everyone around us whether we do so consciously, or unconsciously.  Which qualities are you spreading?

In our case, a Human Virus can be beneficial or harmful, so let’s talk about various types of human viruses there are. For the harmful virues, we can all portray these qualities during random moments in our life but it is the prevailing traits and qualities that define these ‘viruses’ for what they are… not momentary lapses of weakness.

Harmful Viruses:

  • The Downer VirusThings going well? You can always rely on one of these guys to suck all the living energy out of you or any situation!
  • The Negativity Virus – This is the remedy for positivity!  Keep one of these around you at all times if you want to focus on you woes, problems, aches and pains.  Also known as the Ebenezer Scroog virus.
  • The Stagnant Virus – ‘Stagnant’ may sound like a good thing as far as viruses go, but in this case, it’s not. This virus tends to go nowhere fast and attempts to get you to join them! These viruses can be found sitting on their ass most of the time and not taking action.
  • The Unsatisfied Virus – Nothing is ever good enough for this virus. In every area of their life, they expect more and are never satisfied with what they have. If you are at risk of exposure to this virus, don’t walk way, run!
  • The Meany Virus – This is an unfriendly, rude, angry virus. These viruses are not comfortable with themselves and act out by bringing those around them down to their level.  Don’t take it personally when this virus is unpleasant because they’d just as soon be rude and unpleasant to the next person.
  • The Pinocchio Virus – This virus has difficulty telling the truth about anything. White lies are their favorite and making excuses is the name of their game.
  • The Charlie Sheen Virus – This virus likes to encourage bad habits that hold you back from life successes. Lots of drugs, alcohol and sex keep this virus thriving. Entertainment is the overall objective. “Winning”? I think not.
  • The Exaggerator Virus – This virus tells a million ba-gillion exaggerations per day and focuses on extremes. “You are always late. I am always the one doing all the work. You never do it right.”  This virus needs a reality check.

Beneficial Viruses:

  • “The Upper” Virus – Who needs caffeine when you have this virus around? These fellas have a glow about them that brighten the room, showering everyone with bright smiles, big laughs, and happy vibes.
  • The Positivity Virus – Looking at the bright side is easy for this virus. He keeps a level head and always focuses on solving the problem and not the problem itself. Keep this guy (or gal) around when difficulties present themselves.
  • The Motivator Virus – This virus either motivates you by encouragement and coaching, OR better yet, by example! Surround yourself with this virus and you can’t resist not moving forward!
  • The Jim Carrey Virus – Sometimes laughter can be the best medicine and surrounding yourself with those that give your abdominals a workout is a must.
  • The Integrity Virus – This virus puts pressure on you to do the right thing simply because they are doing the right thing.  You don’t doubt this person’ s motives and trust them implicitly.

Think about it, which one(s) do you relate with?  If you can’t discover this yourself, I suggest asking those closest to you and trying to get an honest answer.  They aren’t doing you any favors if they sugarcoat it.

What if I Don’t Want to Be a Virus?

Too freakin’ bad.  The person you are and the person you are trying to become radiates from you like steam from a Jacuzzi on a cold day. Everyone can see it, and those close enough can feel it.

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, or who you surround yourself with – you are going to be influenced by those around you, just as you will influence them.  We live in an interconnected world each affecting the other like a mosh pit at a Heavy Metal concert – you never escape untouched.

Perhaps you find yourself as being one of the harmful viruses? Fortunately for us, the beautiful thing about being a virus is that they never stay the same and are always evolving with time.

Just as a virus adapts and learns, so can you.

Your Friends are Viruses Too

This of course, goes without saying, but still needs to be said.  Do you think about the influence your friends have in your life?  Are they bringing you up to their level?  Or down?  Do they push you forward… or hold you back?

Choose to surround yourself with people (viruses) that you believe will influence a better version of the current you.  If you know a person with a habit, character, or successful behavior you admire, you need to willingly infect yourself by spending more time with this person.

It’s a commonly shared idea that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with – look around you, do you like your odds?

Be the Best Damn Virus You Can Be

When we recognize how much influence we have in the world around us, we feel the need to make a positive impact on our environment, circumstances, and relationships. Just as negativity breeds more negativity, positivity also breeds more positivity.  Just as a bad attitude can zap energy in a room, laughter can elevate the energy in a room.  There are two sides to every coin, and choosing the right side will determine how contagious you become.

Realize the impact you have on other’s lives and take the initiative to be the best damn virus you can be.


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4 thoughts on “You Are a Human Virus”

  1. Lori says:

    Love it. I never thought of considering myself a ‘virus’ but I love the analogy. We all rub off on each other and I always find myself saying thing my friends regularly say, and I always catch myself doing it. Hopefully it’s things I can say around my mother!

    I have one friend that is always doing something new and she always encourages me to do the same, I love being around her because she is full of energy. Then I also have friends that just sit on their butt and watch sitcoms all day. I’m surrounded by Stagnant Viruses and a Motivator Virus! lol

    Great article! Thanks!

    1. Greg Yung says:

      Thanks Lori, I’m glad you liked it!

  2. Barb says:

    Very true Greg, great analogy!
    But no one should try to over simplify themselves or their friends. We are all a mix. I tend to just know and love my friends for who they are. I have a friend who is a downer, but she also has bottomless integrity and is always there when I need her. I return the favor, but I also prepare myself for time with her. Another friend is the Jim Carey, he makes me laugh, but he can also fall into long funks and get snappy. I laugh with him when he’s happy and give him his space when he’s not. There are multiple sides to every coin.
    Great work!

    1. Greg Yung says:

      Thanks Barb!

      I don’t encourage judging friends and lumping them in a category 😉 But rather to be aware of your environment and the effect it has on you. That being said, this writing is more about focusing on oneself and bringing attention to the ‘virus’ you are and want to be – are you making a positive influence or negative influence on the world around you? I’m sure everyone desires it to be the former, but not everyone stops and thinks about it.

      You are right, we are all a mix and you sound like a wonderful friend to have!

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