April 2011

Set Your Pace!

Lately I’ve noticed a trend in my ability to concentrate, be productive, and have more energy throughout the day (hence the recent articles related to energy levels). Just as a swimmer or sprinter may attribute his loss to a slow start at the sound of the gun, I attribute my snail-like pace throughout the day to a slow start at the buzzer… from my alarm clock.


Too Much Energy?  Try these techniques!

After writing the Caffeine Love Story, I realized that this was only one of the many fabulous methods I used to zap all my energy. That being said, I decided to sit down and come up with 10 fully guaranteed methods to eliminate all natural energy reserves you may currently possess. In short, if you love sleeping, then this article is for you.


A Caffeine Love Story

Relationships are tough at times, but the first stage in a new relationship typically is typically exciting, thrilling, and blissful. This relationship was no different. Caffeine and I met in High School and were quickly joined at the hip. She had her own little special way of lifting my mood, putting a smile on my face, and boy did she get my heart pumping! The smell of her aroma, the taste of her body, the way she made me feel… there was nothing better than waking up to her in the morning!


You are a Human VIRUS!

Just as a virus affects your body, YOU are also a virus, a human virus.  The person you are: your behaviors, habits, and character slowly infect and spread to those around you like a virus in a warm bloodstream.  Who you are, in essence, can go viral.  Would you want to catch it?