Top 10 List for Creating Unlimited Prosperity

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Creating Unlimited Prosperity - Top 10 List

When I wanted to learn to play the guitar, the first thing I did was seek out advice from friends who already knew how to play the guitar.  I looked up songs I wanted to learn, watched videos of guitarists I enjoyed, and tried to learn by example.  Attempting to learn the guitar by plucking at random strings sounded ridiculous (literally) – I get strung out just thinking about it.  Why not learn from those who’ve scaled the ladder already and adopt the habits that made them successful?

Learning from the masters is something we can do in every arena of life.  If we want to be successful than we need to uncover and start living out behaviors that lead to success. To discover successful behaviors, we don’t need to recreate the wheel, we can start by tracking down people that already have them!  By nature, we are great mimickers, and this is how we initially learn so why stop now?  As we progress, we find out what works for us, and what doesn’t.

Who inspires you?  Who has a story that intrigues you? Who is the BEST at something you want to learn or do?  Study these people.  Learn their stories, their strategies, and their behaviors and find out if you can do it too – and do it better!

Reading through the book The Power of Focus I came across two powerful lists by two very successful people sharing their ideas and strategies on how to create unlimited prosperity, and I couldn’t resist not sharing them with you.

* What is unlimited prosperity?  What does it mean to YOU?

Templeton’s Top 10 List for Creating Unlimited Prosperity:

This first list was written by Sir John Templeton, a legendary mutual fund manager who has created wealth for thousands of investors all over the world. His ability to create wealth is astounding, but his words of wisdom are even more valuable.

The following ten principles are the heart and soul of his incredible success:

  1. To achieve success, be neither an optimist nor a pessimist, but a realist with a hopeful nature.
  2. Count your blessings to enrich yourself and your neighbors, first spiritually, and then, perhaps, financially.
  3. Debt, whether personal or collective, should not keep you from investing in your future. Strive to be debt free.
  4. Invest in many different places – there is safety in numbers.
  5. Money should do far more than simply reproduce itself.
  6. Remember that patience is a virtue.
  7. If you want to prosper, investigate before you invest.
  8. Never forget: The secret of creating riches for oneself is to create them for others.
  9. Looking out for Number One doesn’t make you Number One.
  10. Make success with a single word – Love.

(Source Quoted from Book: Ten Golden Rules for Financial Success)

Art’s Top 10 List for Creating Unlimited Prosperity

This next list is from someone you may have heard of… Art Linkletter!  Art Linkletter is an entertainer and show business personality most known for his longest running show ‘House Party’ on CBS.

His most important insights for creating wealth and success are:

  1. I’m going to do the work I enjoy. You only live once, so do what you love.
  2. There will always be difficulties, failures, and challenges along the way.
  3. The margin between mediocrity and success is very small when related to time and effort, over and above what is expected.
  4. I will use pull whenever I can to open the door to opportunity, but I will make sure to work when the door is opened for me.
  5. I will recognize and be alert to my own weaknesses, and find people who excel in the things where I falter.
  6. I will consider an opportunity to advance more important than the immediate money and fringe benefits of the situation.
  7. I will always stretch my abilities and goals a little further than my comfort zone, within reason.
  8. I will learn from my failures and then put them behind me.
  9. I will follow the Golden Rule. I will not do a deal where someone else is short-changed, cheated, or taken advantage of.
  10. I will use other people’s money provided I feel certain the money itself can grow at a faster rate than the interest charges. I will not be greedy.

Your Top 10 List

Do you have a Top 10 list of how you want to live your life, to be successful and create ‘unlimited prosperity’?  Which of these ideas hit the nail on the head for you?  Which ones do you relate to? Which of these encourage you?

I challenge you to make your own Top 10 List!  There is nothing wrong with stealing other people’s ideas to get you started!  What can you come up with?

Share some of your own!

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