February 2011

We develop beliefs for every area of our life, yet, the most important beliefs that contribute towards our success are the ones that determine the feelings towards oneself. How you view yourself, has a direct relationship with the success you will have in the world – If you don’t believe you possess value, than there is nothing for you to share.

Successful people have successful beliefs and…


Some people form beliefs quickly. Some will accept the word of others based on their merit or their relationship with the person. Some will read books and instantly subscribe to the teachings and later regurgitate them to anyone willing to listen. Others will listen to TV ‘experts’, then accept what was said as fact. How many health practices, fitness plans, or diets have been declared the best thing EVER, than later debunked as unhealthy or harmful?


Engage Auto-Pilot?

Breaking it down, a belief is simply a thought repeated over and over again and held to be true.

Beliefs are the these thoughts we have developed an emotional attachment to, and thus, affects every area of our existence and understanding of reality. Our beliefs are the filter we see the world through.

We all have beliefs. Come and read about some of my beliefs… on beliefs themselves.



Can a person really be unmotivatable?

From my perspective, this would be a person who is empty of any passions, dreams, or aspirations in their life or towards their future. They are lost in a state of stagnation that they choose to stay in and no one else can help them escape until they make the conscious decision to do so.


Brain Rules by John Medina

If you have a fascination with how the brain works, truths and myths about the brain, or how we can change our environments to improve learning, then I recommend this book!