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For Your Inspiration! (FYI!) Month 2011 – This article was part of an exciting and challenging month dedicated to discovering passions, setting goals, learning success strategies, and sharing thoughts to ponder throughout the day!  If you’d like to find out what this month was all about, check out FYI Month 2011 for more information!

FYI: For-Your-Inspiration Month!


Every person experiences times in their life where it feels like nothing more can possibly be running against you. The cards are stacked, the dice are weighted, and it feels like you can’t catch a break. You feel like your life is in the middle of a head-on collision between two semi-trucks (or lorries for all you Brits) and you are just trying to make it out alive. How do you respond to these situations? What are YOUR first instincts?

First Instincts

First of all, what are instincts? Instincts are behaviors that are initiated below the conscious level and can be inborn or slowly developed from repeatedly engaging a behavior in response to a stimulus.  SO… in short, our first instincts are the result of past responses (or reactions) to similar situations, right? To start changing these, we must 1) consciously recognizing how we would desire ourselves to react, and 2) responding to the situation accordingly. This is easier said than done while in the moment, right?!

Let’s take a look. If you are you like most people. First instincts usually include:

  • Fear and uncertainty, and the stress that comes along with it.
  • Depression, and not being able to see a light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Panic, from loss of control of the situation.
  • Anger, and the frustrations with other people that put you in this situation, and usually expressing this anger.
  • Loss of focus, and allowing the situation to bury you.

If you look at this list, you can easily see that these are not very attractive qualities to be experiencing. When you allow these emotions to overcome you, you are a paralyzed by the obstacles in front of you and can’t see over them.

What is usually the first thing people do when they are stuck in a rut and obstacles seem to be surrounding them? I’ll give you a hint: it only harms you more, and annoys everyone else around you. And no, it’s not screaming.

…Complaining! Complaining only confirms your emotional state and digs the hole even deeper. Additionally, when you voice your problems with a negative spin with a ‘woe is me’ attitude, you voice to the world your fears and weaknesses. Additionally, you are focusing on the problem itself, instead of spending your valuable mental resources on creating solutions!

Creating Better Instincts

It is only natural to experience the emotions we discussed above because it all comes down to our survival instincts that make us want to fight or get the hell out of there!  The great thing is, we are smarter than the average panda (and by panda, I really mean panda), and can use cognitive thought to help release or deal with these difficult emotions.

Think about some of these ways to deal with ‘chaos’:

  • When you feel the pressure, strain, and emotional tension; this is a slap in the face reminding you that you can learn something here and you’ll make it out stronger WHEN you succeed through it.  (Always use ‘when’, never ‘if’).
  • Learn to say No when you can’t take on any more.
  • Learn to delegate when you can’t handle what you already have.
  • Learn to say Yes to people trying to help you.
  • Take a step back and look at your situation from an outsider’s or friend’s perspective. What advice would you give this person? This helps take your emotionally blurred vision out of the picture.  Try it.
  • Decide what actions will make the greatest impact and do them first.
  • Don’t focus on the problems, focus on the solutions.  And ONLY what you can do, I don’t want to hear you using ‘If only I…’ (won the lottery, etc.).
  • You can’t please everyone. Even a perfect person would be hated by people who are jealous or envious, so why hold yourself to these high standards.
  • And most importantly – always make sure you are taking care of the ones you love first.

Your Task

Well, there isn’t really a task today because I don’t want you going out there causing ruckus just to see how you handle it.  But, to continue with this months trend, here is your task…

Remember and recognize how you handled disorder and chaos in your life in the past. How did you survive it?  How did you react and how did you feel?  What would you like to change and how can you prepare your mind for the future?

And lastly, have faith in yourself and realize that real discoveries come from chaos.  That’s the beauty of life.

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