FYI | Day 1 – What is Working?

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For Your Inspiration! (FYI!) Month 2011 – This article was part of an exciting and challenging month dedicated to discovering passions, setting goals, learning success strategies, and sharing thoughts to ponder throughout the day!  If you’d like to find out what this month was all about, check out FYI Month 2011 for more information!

FYI: For-Your-Inspiration Month!


Today is the first day of FYI Month!  I’m glad you are here. It’s going to be a great month!

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011!

I’m not sure what is so refreshing about a new year.  To me, it feels like an opportunity for a fresh start, motivate myself, and strive for new heights.  Or perhaps, shed a few bad habits!

Today is going to be short and sweet.  Being the first day of the year, it’s a good time for reflection and discovering what is working for you, and what isn’t.  (For a discussion and suggestions, read the article on personal reflection).

Here is your question for today:

‘To reach my ideal life, is [XXXXX] helping me?’.


  • To reach my ideal life, is my current job helping me? (Are you happy?  Are you growing?)
  • To reach my ideal life, is my diet and fitness helping me?  (Are you feeling energetic and alive?)
  • To reach my ideal life, is ‘this’ relationship helping me? (Is the person negative and bringing you down?  Is it damaging?  Are you happier with the relationship?
  • To reach my ideal life, is my education helping me?  (What are you learning?  What do you want to learn?  What should you learn?)

Your Turn

  • Make a list of areas or ‘things’ in your life that just are not working well for you.
  • Second, make a list of areas or ‘things’ that are NOT working for you.
  • Pick two items from the second list, and brainstorm at least 5 reasons why your life would improve if it were not present (instead of listing why it makes your life difficult).  Focus on the benefits and not the pain!

Start this year off by recognizing the changes you know you need to make to improve your life.  Today is a great day to start working towards and ensuring a great 2011.  As the Dalai Lama says:

“There are only 2 days of the year in which nothing can be done. One is called YESTERDAY and the other one is called TOMORROW. That means that TODAY is the ideal day to love, believe, create and live.”

We aren’t striving for New Year’s resolutions, we are striving for lasting improvements and not temporary fixes!  Start today!

Want lasting improvements?  Check out Kaizen – Small Improvements to Make a Big Impact.

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