December 2010

The New Year is just a few days away and we are gearing up for an exciting January! The entire month of January will be dedicated to preparing, planning, and manifesting a great year full of personal growth!  Finding our passions, setting goals, inspirational thoughts and questions, and much more.  This will be great! Each […]


Time for Personal Reflection!

As human beings, we desire to live a fulfilled life, know ourselves, and find meaning in our lives. We have the capacity to do this, but we can’t do it while blindfolded. Reflecting on our lives allows us to observe our thoughts and feelings and recall actions and events in the past to learn from.


Build Your Defense!

Emotional problems stem from not being prepared with the proper mental tools to deal with life’s difficulties or tragedies. When you were a teenager, how did you feel after your first heart break? Did the world feel like it was coming to an end? Did you feel prepared for that situation?


Pleasure! - Attribution: Gabriel S. Delgado C

Is there anything better than the taste of a mouth-watering steak, the feel of your partner’s bare skin, the joys of a new purchase, the elations of sex, or the euphoria created from ‘other’ substances? Life is filled with blissful pleasures that affect your brain in positive, and not so positive ways! Learn how our brain is effected and the pros and cons of blissful pleasure!


Change Your Reality.  Credits:

The power of thought is truly amazing. Did you know that every thought has a chemical response that affects your emotions, physical well-being, and mental clarity? Your reality and view of the world has been created from a lifetime of experiences and HOW you process those experiences. Learn to understand your own world filter and change it for the better!


Speed Bump Ahead

What happens to your thoughts when everything seems to be running against you?  Responsibilities pile up, obstacles arise, and your current plans are blown out of the water; what do you do?  For most, the easiest thing to do is get flustered, frustrated, and pitter-patter around (let’s not forget complaining!). Yet, this only leads to […]


Workout Your Brain

Has your brain gone rogue?!

Do you find more and more often that your memory fails, your creativity dulls, or your productivity hits a wall? We all have these moments, but by taking the initiative we can minimize these occurrences. There are different techniques we can use to invigorate the mind, keep it healthy throughout our lives, and even prevent brain disease as we age!