November 2010


Gratitude is an amazing thing. Did you know that having sincere emotions of gratitude has a calming effect on the mind and body? There is evidence showing that when we bring attention to the things we appreciate in our life, we are more…


Brain 101

“Brain: An apparatus with which we think that we think” – Ambrose Bierce Our brain is the most fascinating, mind-blowing (pun intended) organ on the planet. An instrument we can fine-tune, modify, and adapt to our will; starting with the power of a mere thought. A structure that physically changes with every new memory formation, […]


Kaizen - Continuous Improvement

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with the first step”– Lao Tzu Wouldn’t it be great to lose 30 pounds? Well, don’t start with the first pound; start with the first ounce. Want to write a book? Don’t start with the first chapter; start with the first page (or first sentence!). Want to […]


Kill Procrastination

Procrastination. One of the mind’s many emotional woes that we battle to overcome on a daily basis. Procrastination is a problem that the majority of people face, and only a small percentage truly conquer it. To wage war on procrastination, we need to 1) understand why we procrastinate, 2) accept our weaknesses and focus on […]


The Joys of Being the Victim

What a beautifully crafted and twisted lie we have learned from such an early age! This untruth is one of the biggest conundrums in human interaction. The idea of playing the victim. Playing the victim is much different than being the victim. Being the victim is not a choice, but your decision to act as […]



Negativity: the kick in the pants that keeps on kicking. Negativity is like bacteria. As it enters the mind it spreads like a virus at multiplying rates until it consumes all positive thinking, and the hard truth of the matter, is that you believe it all. A diseased mind does not know it is sick […]


Positivity. Is it a learned response from our environment, education, and experience? Is it a learned attitude, mindset or outlook? Is it genetic? Is there a tree of positivity where we can pick the fruit? Well, the easy answer: Yes. All the above can have an effect on our overall positivity towards life (I’m still […]

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The Game of Life

Have you ever read one those fictional novels where you can choose the path you want the story to take?  Such as; To go into the cave and save the girl, go to page 146. To run away screaming, go to page 143. Or perhaps you’ve played the board game ‘Life’ and you can make […]


  Welcome to the first post!  I have been meaning to get this website up for awhile but it turns out there is a learning curve if you want to do it correctly. Here are a few questions I thought I’d start with: What is this site about? Why did you start this site? Why […]